Analyze your business

Don't spend time preparing the numbers. Focus on analyzing them.

XLReporting gives you insight in your business and foresight. You can make decisions based on solid data.

Get ready to Analyze, Predict, and Act.

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How does XLReporting help you?


Create insight and be in control of your numbers at all times. Use the data in your existing systems.

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Create your own budget forms, fully in line with your business model. Manage the budget submission process.

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Decision Making

Base your decisions on solid data that supports your business model, giving you the answers you need.

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Who benefits from XLReporting?

Financial controllers

Stop relying on manual work and spreadsheets. Automate your month-end reporting, consolidation, and financial planning.

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Deliver added value to your clients by giving them insight into their business and benchmarking against their sector.

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Help your clients to further grow their business. Partner with us to deliver high-quality solutions for your clients.

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Analyze your numbers

Simplify the process of reporting on your data. Get faster access to the right information about your business.

Visualize all dimensions in your business: companies, business units, countries, cost centers, whatever you need.

If you can access the data, XLReporting can report on it.

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Automate Reporting

Connect to your accounting and other systems. No manual steps needed.

Discover the trends

XLReporting tells you where to look, what's ahead, and what to decide.

Follow your dimensions

Report on all dimensions in your business. Instantly and reliably.

Predict your business

XLReporting manages your budget process. Multi-year plans, annual budgets, monthly forecasts, rolling forecasts, variance analysis, what-if scenarios.

Budgets are instantly consolidated and available in reports.

You can create budget models that fit your business.

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Model your business

Create budget forms and processes that fit your business.

Plan ahead

Run your budgets activity-based, zero-based, using parameters or extrapolation, any way you want.

Take control

Manage the entire budget process: submissions, consolidation, versioning, review and approval.

Act with confidence

XLReporting helps you to make the right decisions, based on solid facts, and in a timely manner. Get structure, overview, and reliability at every step. That gives you trust.

If you can trust your numbers, you will trust your decisions.

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decision making

Make a difference with XLReporting

Improve, don’t re-invent

XLReporting lets you re-use your existing reporting models and budget spreadsheets. And adds solid process to it.

Spreadsheet meets Process

XLReporting works like a spreadsheet, but with the power of a database and workflow. You won't have to learn a new system.

Integrate your existing tools

XLReporting integrates with accounting and other systems and file types. Use the best of each system.

Get a 360° view

XLReporting gives you a 360° view of your business, along all its dimensions. Instantly, at the click of a button.

Improve your budgeting and reporting

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