Admit: Budgeting is too complex for spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets for your budgeting takes you a lot of time. Not good use of your time.

XLReporting connects to your data, and manages submissions, calculations, consolidation, and variance reporting.

So you can focus on what really matters.

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Design your own models

Design your own budget models in a free-form editor. XLReporting has a built-in spreadsheet editor which is compatible with Excel. This gives you a familiar environment with the power of a database and workflow.

Define a model and use it throughout the organization. Models enforce a strict separation of data and logic. No duplicate versions.

Short learning curve thanks to compatibility with Excel using sheets, columns, rows, cells, and formulas. You can re-use your existing spreadsheet models. XLReporting adds solid process to it.

design budget model

Free-form editor

You define the budget model your business, and XLReporting will run the process for you.

Familiar Excel formules

You can choose from 250 familiar spreadsheet functions in your budget model.

Create your own model

Run your budgets activity-based, zero-based, by parameters or extrapolation, any way you want.

Manage your process

XLReporting automates your budget process by connecting to your data sources and processing budget submissions by users.

Budget holders can use templated forms to review comparative numbers and enter their parameters, assumptions, and amounts.

You can control the budget workflow, manage user permissions, and see the process status and history of changes at all times.

Budget submissions are saved into the database, instantly consolidated and available in reports.


Improve your insight

Budgets are more than just numbers. It's about the underlying busines drivers and assumptions, and how these translate into financial results. Budgets and forecasts are not static, they evolve over time.

XLReporting enables you to produce different versions of budgets, going from multi-year plans to annual budgets to revised budgets to rolling forecasts. With variance analysis at any point in time. Whatever you need to run your business.


Enhance your foresight

autorization process


Define your own seasonal revenue and cost patterns.

consolidation organization


All budgets are automatically consolidated.

what-if scenarios strategy


Calculate multiple budget versions and see the outcomes.

short learning curve

Easy to use

No programming needed, everything is point and click.


Free design

Easy-to-use editor with rows, columns, and formulas.

data security

Data security

Your data is protected, private, and secure.

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