Is your consolidation too complex for spreadsheets?

Doing your consolidation in spreadsheets is difficult and takes a lot of time.

XLReporting consolidates your data, translates currencies and accounts, and automates your consolidation journals and controls.

So you can focus on your numbers.

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Consolidate your data

XLReporting can consolidate any data: actuals directly from your accounting systems, budget data, non-financial data, product volumes, headcount, whatever you need.

XLReporting has connectors to 30 different systems and file formats and is integrated with Excel.

XLReporting gives you automation, overview, full audit trail, and reliability at every step. That gives you confidence in your consolidated numbers.

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Create your journals

Create your consolidation and elimination journals in an automated way, and keep an audit trail at all times.

Some examples are:

  • Equity elimination
  • Intercompany balances
  • Intercompany revenue and margins
  • Reallocation journals
  • Currency exchange effects


Automate Reporting

Connect to your accounting and other systems. No manual steps needed.

Define your journals

XLReporting pulls the numbers and prepares draft consolidation journals.

Keep full audit trail

At any time you can inspect the origin of the numbers in your consolidation.

Analyze your numbers

XLReporting imports, validates, and consolidates your data automatically.

Generate automated variance reporting with data from different sources. Your reports will always contain up-to-date and correct numbers which gives you total overview and control.

You can compare actuals to budgets and forecasts. Combine financial data with non-financial data to report on progress against targets.

You can focus on analyzing your numbers.

screen with dashboard

Trust your sources

Integrate with your accounting and other systems. No manual steps.

Slice and Dice

Drill down into your numbers at the click of a button.

Have the answers

Have the answers before your're getting the questions.

Automate your consolidation

chart of accounts project plan

Connect your data

Enrich your source data for optimal consolidation.

translate currencies

Translate currencies

Apply currency conversion and account mapping.

dimensions jigsaw

Create all journals

Automate your consolidation journals.

financial and non-financial

Combine any type of data

Combine any financial and non-financial data.

design templates process

Use your own templates

Design journals and reports in an easy-to-use editor.

visualisation presentation

Visualize your data

Choose from 30 different report and chart types.

Improve your consolidation

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