7 reasons to trust us

We are extremely serious about information security and protecting your valuable data.
Please allow us to explain our main principles:

Our data centers

We operate 3 regions in the world: Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore. We host in Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean data centers. These data centers and operations are certified and highly secure and meet all leading compliance standards. Your data will never physically leave the region you have chosen.

We use multiple servers

All our regions consist of multiple servers on resilient infrastructure. If any server should go down, other servers automatically take over and you won't even notice. We use automated continuous monitoring. That's how we can guarantee a 99.9% uptime with 24/7 availability.

Everything is encyrpted

All our servers are encrypted (SHA 256 bit SSL) so your traffic can't be intercepted. Your data is also encrypted when it is stored in our databases.

Your data is protected and private

Your data is stored in your own private database segment on our servers. It's your data, and we follow strict practices in ensuring it stays that way. We value your privacy and we will never access or share your information with anyone.

You control the access

You decide who has access to your information by defining user roles, permissions, and users. User access through web browsers and our mobile app is enforced by highly secure web authentication tokens. You can revoke anyone's access at any time.

All access is recorded

Every action of users and administrators is recorded in the system. Not just when they are editing data, but even when they're just viewing data. You can audit your user's actions at any time.

Continuous backups

Your data is backed up automatically on an hourly basis, and stored on separate servers in your region. You don't have to worry about this, we ensure it happens automatically.

Any more questions?