Assisted setup

We understand that you are pressed for time.

Deadlines, meetings, work backlog. We can accelerate your setup by helping you. You will be ready before your next deadline.

We offer 3 standard setup plans, dependent on the complexity of your requirements. We can discuss the best plan for you in an online meeting.

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Our setup plans


If you want common financial reports, with 1 or 2 data sources, we can do this in 10 days.

This plan includes 2 or 3 contact moments, and we'll define your configuration, based on our standard templates (e.g. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Revene & Expense Analysis).


If you have more diverse reporting requirements, or complex data sources, we can do this in 15 days.

This plan includes more contact moments, and more time to define the right configuration for you. Where needed, we'll create specific reports and models based on your requirements.


If you have specific reporting or budgeting requirements, or complex data sources, we can do this in 20 days.

This plan includes even more contact moments, and even more time to add specific reports and models based on your requirements.

Example 10 day plan

  • Day 1 - 30 minute online meeting to kickoff. We'll discuss your requirements, data sources, reporting structures, chart of accounts etc.
  • Day 3 - You send us the information we discussed, or upload it directly into our system. Your information can be whatever shape or form, we'll convert it into the right format for you.
  • Day 5 - We define the configuration for you, and import the data that you provided. If you have existing models, templates or spreadsheets, we'll re-use those as much as possible.
  • Day 7 - 30 minute online meeting to review your reports, give training and transfer knowledge, do some testing together, and discuss next steps.
  • Day 9 - You test your reports, and we'll be on standby to make any further changes. If necessary, another quick online meeting to wrap up.

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