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Import data

This option enables you to import data from other systems into your XLReporting tenant, using defined import tasks.

You can also watch the tutorial video.

Start the import

After you have selected a defined import, you can select a your data source (a file or a system) and any selection parameters.

screenshot analyze imports data

You can also watch the instruction videos.

Select source data

Click on Source Data, and after you have selected your source data, you will see a data preview:

screenshot define imports source

When you click on Apply, XLReporting will read and validate all data.

Validate the data

Once the data has been succesfully validated, XLReporting will import into your data set, and will show you automatically calculated control totals:

screenshot imports data validation

If there are any validation issues, XLReporting will report these, and no data will be imported or deleted. After you have resolved these issues, you can start the import again.