Release notes

We use automated processes that enable us to release new features to our application on an ongoing basis. There are no preset release dates, we release new features and improvements as soon as they are ready and tested. We will ensure that your existing configuration and data are never adversely affected by any release.

This page includes only the major releases that contain visible improvements to users. Minor releases are not mentioned as they contain only technical or server-side improvements.

Release 35 - March 10, 2022

New features:
  • We added a Search function that enables users to filter the menu.
  • We added visual warnings in Edit data and Run models to prevent users from leaving XLReporting with unsaved changes.
  • The LINK function can now open reports or models in a separate browser window using the optional popup parameter.
  • We added an option to make Linked values in Data sets optional.
  • We added a new cell editor type Dropdown (table) in Define models.
  • As a user, you can now select your own favorite reports and models, which become available in the left menu bar.
  • We added a new menu navigation. This offers more usability and leaves more of the screen available for reports and data. The menu can be collapsed or expanded with one click, and your setting is automatically remembered.
  • We removed a number of permissions in User roles since those are no longer needed with the new menu navigation.
  • We added full mobile support to the application. You can now access XLReporting on any mobile with at least a 320px screen.
  • We improved the layout of many screens, and they adapt better to varying screens sizes.
  • We consolidated a number of user preferences for tooltips, hints, suggestions, and guided tour in Manage - Profile into one single setting Show tips.
  • The Dashboard option is only shown in the menu if you have at least 1 active dashboard (a dashboard that is not empty).
  • As a partner, you can now also update Groups to your clients in Manage clients.
  • The selections you make for reports and models are now remembered for all other reports and models during your session in XLReporting.
  • We added an "👁 eye" button that enables you to switch to fullscreen mode and back with a single click.
  • We added Global settings in Manage - Profile. This enables you to centrally create settings and variables that you can lookup in imports, reports, and models by using the new SETTING function.
  • We added Properties in Define users, which enables you to store custom properties on each user. You can lookup these properties in imports, reports, and models by using the USER function.
  • We enhanced the Permits in Define roles. In addition to using names, you can now also user "name=value". The PERMIT() function will either return true/false, or the value.
  • We added several new functions: SETTING, ROMAN, FILTER, SEQUENCE, SORTBY.
  • We added etra parameters source and filter to the SELECTPERIOD function.
  • We enhanced the HIDESAVE function so you can make models read-only based on certain criteria. We also added additional parameters to the STRIP function.
  • We made a number of improvements to existing functionality.

Release 34 - November 5, 2021

New features:
  • In reports, we added a new Cumulative option for values.
  • In Export data or print, you can now also export data sets, reports, and models to a saved image.
  • You can now manage versioning of all defined objects and user roles via Actions - Mark this version. This is particularly useful for partners to manage their client tenants.
  • We added an optional watermark "Concept" in prints and PDF exports.
  • We added the Manage my clients feature to enable partner tenants to create and maintain their own client tenants, and to centrally view and update defined objects and users across all their clients.
  • You can now import and export user roles in Transfer Objects, as well as copying user roles from templates.
  • We added new functions: CELL, COLNUM, COUNTWORD, CUMULATE, DSIZE, EXACT, MERGE, PAGEBREAK, PRINT, SETWRAP, THISYEAR, TYPE. We also added the functions XLOOKUP and XMATCH to be compatible with the latest additions in Excel.
  • We added the possibility to copy a dashboard to another user, or to transfer ownership of a dashboard (including published users) to another user.
  • In models, you can now indent cells via the alignment toolbar button.
  • We added a move parameter to the ROWACTION function that enables users to move rows in Run model in the same way as a typical cut & paste action.
  • In Manage - Profile you can define a default color for the header bar. You can override this default color with the color setting for each group.
  • We added a connector for Airtable.
  • We improved the rendering of PDF exports and printing in reports and models. You can now also choose whether to include report headers or not.
  • Cross-sheet formulas in models are now fully operational, and recalculation of formulas in models is even faster than before.
  • You can now define range names for one single sheet or global across the entire model.
  • In Define import you can download the sample source data to an Excel file.
  • We exhanced the Transfer objects feature by adding import batches and user roles.
  • We enhanced and expanded the use of server-based imports for replace and delete operations.
  • All ..RANGE functions (e.g. NUMRANGE, DATERANGE, PERIODRANGE, YEARRANGE etc) now accept a negative "number" parameter, enabling you to create ranges that increments as well as decrement.
  • Imports which use another data set as source or which are delete operations are now executed on the server giving much faster performance with large data sets.
  • We made 30+ small improvements to existing functionality.

Release 33 - July 22, 2021

New features:
  • In models you can now add currency cell formats.
  • Models now offer more settings for embedded charts.
  • Conditional formatting of cells in models now offers more conditions and comparisons.
  • All query functions now accept an empty string ("") as a filter condition to retrieve all rows from the given query (so no filter will be applied).
  • The INDIRECT and CELLVALUE have an extra parameter to specify the sheet name.
  • The ROLL and FR.TO parameters of the PERIODSUM function have been improved.
  • We improved the HIDECOLUMN and HIDEROW functions to enable you to dynamically control visibility of columns and rows.
  • We made 20+ small improvements to existing functionality.

Release 32 - February 14, 2021

New features:
  • We added configurable sort order to all objects and also to the menu groups.
  • We merged reports, charts, and KPI indicators into a common layout definition.
  • We added more chart types (Column (with line), Column (stacked with line), GeoChart, Timeline) which are available in models and reports.
  • The charts that you can create in reports are now identical to those in models.
  • We added a collection of 300 new icons which can be used in object descriptions.
  • We improved the rendering of charts in reports and models.
  • We made improvements in complex reports filters on periods
  • We added extra visualization types to the SLIDER function.
  • We improved the FORECAST function for linear regression forecasting.
  • We made 10+ small improvements to existing functionality.

Release 31 - November 22, 2020

New features:
  • We updated the styling and colors of the menu navigation.
  • We added a new column type Period to data sets.
  • We added new report totals Variance (-) and Result (-).
  • We added a new function THISPERIOD.
  • We added aliases and custom data entry in the cel editor planners.
  • We added more styling options for cell borders in models.
  • We improved the customization of headerbar colors in Define Groups.
  • We improved the export to PDF from models and reports.
  • We improved the color function in Define Groups. Every menu navigation can now trigger a color change to the header bar. Colors now take effect in the Process menu.
  • Better cell formatting and styles in models.
  • We made 30+ small improvements to existing functionality.

Release 30 - September 25, 2020

New features:
  • You can now add embedded charts and images into models.
  • We added a field Process in the Groups option which you can use to create a menu navigation that follows you user processes, as an alternative to the "Analyze" menu. You can hide or show the "Process" and "Analyze" menu in user role permissions.
  • New window "Review user roles" in Users and User roles to check users, user roles, and permissions.
  • We enhanced the LINK function to support navigation (e.g. for drilldown into details) between reports and models.
  • We have added options to the MONTH and QUARTER functions.
  • We added additional parameters to PERIODSUM: MOV, MOVP, LY.MOV, LY.MOVP, OPEN, and LY.OPEN to report movements over a given period (i.e. the difference between opening and closing balance), or to retrieve opening balance (i.e. the closing balances of the preceeding year). We also improved the ROLL parameter to report rolling numbers both backward and forward.
  • We added an additional parameter to PERIODNAME to return the period number within the year.
  • You can now set query editors to allow users to enter new values.
  • We added more features for custom cell formatting in models.
  • We added a new field type in report filters and report layouts (multi-combo) to enable filter fields that are multi-select and offer type-ahead functionality.
  • We added a new option Keep silent in import queries in models to suppress user notifications.
  • Better cell formatting and styles in models
  • We improved the inbound API connectors and added more systems.
  • We enhanced the spreadsheet component in numerous ways, and made it faster.
  • We made 30+ small improvements to existing functionality
  • We upgraded the database and the server capacity
  • We expanded and re-styled our Help center and website

Release 29 - Oct 25, 2019

New features:
  • We added Excel queries which enables you to build dynamic Excel workbooks that will refresh their data at any time from your online data sets, without having to login.
  • We added configurable color scales for KPI gauges, bullet, and scorecards, and improved the rendering of charts with negative values.
  • We added new functions: EDATE, DAYS360, SOYEAR, EOYEAR, DATERANGE, WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS, CELLVALUE, SLIDER, and we enhanced the ICON and SAVEACTION functions.
  • We added additional parameters to PERIODSUM: PTD and LY.PTD to report Period-to-date numbers for this year and last year.
  • We added additional parameters to DATERANGE and PERIODRANGE to check if a given date or period occurs within a future range of dates or periods.
  • We improved the inbound API connectors and added more systems.
  • We enhanced the spreadsheet component in numerous ways. It's faster and more robust than ever. It now color codes the cells referenced in formulas whilst you are editing.
  • We enhanced the exports to PDF and Excel in terms of layout.
  • We added a option to create new objects from standard templates.
  • We improved existing and added new API connectors to other systems. We added configuration flags and self-discovery of data to enable even more flexibility in defining imports.
  • Better cell formatting and styles in models
  • We made 20+ small improvements to existing functionality
  • We upgraded the database and the server capacity
  • We did lots of updates in our Help center

Release 28 - Mar 20, 2019

New features:
  • We added a new field for custom rights in Define User Roles. Used in combination with the PERMIT() funtion this enables you to build granular custom authorisation in reports and models.
  • We added new functions: ICON, IFERROR, PERMIT, and PREVIOUS.
  • We extended data filters in Define User Roles, and you can now create separate filters for view and save actions. This enables you to define more granular controls over your data.
  • We improved the import of CSV files. It is now faster and deals with more scenarios.
  • New option in imports to abort the entire import if empty values are found.
  • Queries in models can now be added by copying an existing query.
  • Clearer tooltips across the entire application.
  • Number formats are included in the exports to Excel.
  • Various improvements in the design of all pages
  • Better cell formatting and styles in models
  • We made 30+ small improvements to existing functionality
  • We upgraded the database and the server capacity
  • Improvements in exporting data to Excel and PDF

Release 27 - Jan 3, 2019

New features:
  • XLReporting has been given a completely new design.
  • You can add comments to cells in models, and lock cells when defining models.
  • In models you can now choose fonts, set decimals, and the date and number formatting has been improved.
  • In Run Models you can use formules whilst entering numerical data.
  • We have added a new report layout type called Treemap, and improved the Scorecard layout.
  • You can define a global currency for your tenant, which can be set as the default number format in all reports and models.
  • Object scripts are now event-based, giving you more access over data and presentation.
  • We improved the detail and filter features of the activity log, making it easier to audit the use of XLReporting.
  • We removed the option Replace using filters in Define models - import queries. The default behaviour is now that imports will always use the filter values on the selected column(s) (e.g. SELECT, SELECTED, or fixed values) if these are defined, or else the realtime values in the source data, to replace or delete existing data.
  • The description in Define objects can now contain basic html tags to format the text, as well as functions to include dynamic information or images in the text that is shown to users.
  • We extended the features of the LINK function, which you can now use to define custom menu navigation within models, and build user navigation between objects. The new feature enables you to build custom menus which you can then add to dashboards.
  • We added 2 new parameters NEXT and LY.NEXT, and improved the ROLL parameter, for the PERIODSUM function.
  • We added 6 new functions: WEBVIEW, JSON, ISERROR, LOCKCOLUMN, SAVEACTION, and HELP.
  • New feature Transfer objects to export and import object definitions.
  • We made 50+ small improvements to existing functionality
  • We upgraded the database and the server capacity
  • Improvements to exporting data to Excel, PDF, and printing

Release 26 - Jan 22, 2018

New features:
  • You can now mark imports as In batch, which ensures they can only be run as part of import batches.
  • You can now assign a color to every group in Manage - Groups, which changes the page header color on all items that belong to that group. This makes user navigation more intuitive.
  • Replace data using filter values in Define imports and Define models - import queries gives you more control over how to selectively replace data.
  • Define custom functions in Manage - Profile which you can use in any expression across all your objects.
  • Report and query filters can now include functions, formulas, and calculations.
  • We have added new functions: COUNTROWS, PERCENT, RECALC, REPEAT, SORT, TOPX.
  • We made 60+ small improvements to existing functionality
  • We upgraded the database and increased the server capacity
  • Improvements to exporting data to Excel and PDF, and printing
  • Improvements to the popup editor for expressions, formulas, and filters
  • Improvements to the UI and its presentation on tablets

Release 25 - Oct 10, 2017

New features:
  • You can now create Import batches in Define Models which enables you to automatically run related imports every time the Save button is clicked in Run Models.
  • The SELECT() function now has new optional parameters enabling you to define and filter the list of values that will be shown for user selection. The list of values can now be obtained from any other data set and can be filtered on-demand. By using SELECTED() in filters you can create cascading selections (i.e. list of values can be filtered based on other selected values).
  • A new popup editor for convert and filter expressions in reports and queries, and similarly for cell formulas in models, makes it much easier to work with functions, expressions, and field values. This popup window also shows brief help documentation on every function.
  • We have added additional permissions ("Clear all data", "Export data", and "Access API") in Define data sets to give you more granular control over your data.
  • We have added additional permissions ("Edit layout, "Save model", "Export data" and "Access console") in Define User roles to give you more granular control over what users are allowed to do.
  • We have added more new functions: COMPOUND, CONVERT, FVSCHEDULE, DAYNUM.
  • Significant performance improvements in generating reports and models
  • Changes in the definition of selection parameters are now immediately reflected in Define Imports, Define Reports, and Define Models.
  • When clicking the Save button in Run Models, all editable sheets are now saved in one single action.
  • Exports to Excel now include cell formats and colors.
  • Dropdown date pickers now also accept manually entered dates
  • Various small usability improvements

Release 24 - Sep 12, 2017

New features:
  • You can now create Import batches which enables you to run multiple imports as one single action.
  • Report queries in models now have dynamic subtotals, which -when combined with editors and formulas- enables you to build highly interactive models.
  • New option Subtotalise adjacent columns in Define Models for report queries.
  • New options Review query in Define Models to help you review how queries are being used across the model.
  • In Define models, when saving, validation is performed on the usage of queries by cell editors and cell functions.
  • A new option to dynamically hide or show the Save button in Run Models, which you can trigger by some logic in your model.
  • Publish dashboards to user roles as well as to individual users.
  • Additional rights in user roles that determine whether users can edit or publish dashboards.
  • New option Transfer objects to export the configuration of objects to a file.
  • Upgraded the web libraries and database server
  • Multiple optimisations in data imports, report generation, and models
  • We have added more tooltips to various popup windows
  • Various small usability improvements

Release 23 - Aug 21, 2017

New features:
  • The SELECT() function in report and query filters now has an optional parameter to specify whether the selection is optional or mandatory, and whether it is singleselect or multiselect (read more).
  • The selected values on your dashboard are retained if you click Save.
  • Model sheets can be re-ordered and copied.
  • Dynamic filtering of dropdown editors.
  • New option "All next columns" when transposing data in import files.
  • The functions WEEKDAY, MONTH, QUARTER now have an optional parameter to return configurable text labels.
  • Improvements in editing and formatting of dates and numbers in models
  • Dates are automatically formatted in models when entered
  • Models are being generated much faster

Release 22 - Jul 31, 2017

New features:
  • We have added over 85 new functions for powerful functionality in reports, imports, models, whilst at the same time offering maximum compatibility with Microsoft Excel:

    AND, OR, XOR
    FV, PV
    NPV, RRI
    LN, LN10
    LOG, LOG10

  • You can now include data queries in Planner cell editors to use data-driven and dynamic planning patterns.
  • The DLIST function has been renamed to DINDEX for more consistency.
  • New option to update or upsert existing data in imports and import queries.
  • In Define data sets you can now visually select and clear data rows.
  • In Define data sets you can now export all data rows, even for large data sets.
  • New option to Publish dashboards to other users.
  • We added additional security options in Manage - Profile.
  • New API endpoint to clear selected data rows from a data set.
  • We have completely redeveloped the dashboard pages. They now offer better layout possibilities and a more stable look & feel.
  • Various usability improvements to models.
  • We have improved the auto-scaling of charts and gauges.
  • In Define models, the preview of query data is improved.
  • In Define models - import queries, convert and filter expressions can now reference any source column in your model.
  • In Define models, we have expanded the number of toolbar buttons to give more one-click access to functions.
  • The DAYS and PERIODS functions (and their new counterparts DAYSWITHIN and PERIODSWITHIN) can now accept either full dates, periods, or years as parameters.

Release 21 - Jun 10, 2017

New features:
  • Added new functions: ROUNDUP, ROUNDDOWN, CLEAN, VALUE.
  • Added new query functions: DVALUE, DCOLUMNS, and DROWS. These functions (in combination with queries) enable you to build extremely powerful and dynamic models.
  • Define models: new QUERY(ID, range) function which binds a report query to a cell range in a model. This replaces the previous "QUERY: name" placeholder.
  • Define models: a new option for Import queries "when empty values" enables you to either skip entire rows when a field is empty, or repeat the values from the previous row (which is useful if your model data is grouped).
  • Define models: you can now create cell formulas with references to cells in other sheets. The syntax is identical to Excel: sheet!cell (for example: =Sheet1!A1 * 100).
  • Export data or print: this rewritten option enables you to export data to Excel, CSV, JSON, PDF, or PNG, as well as print a report, chart, or model in an optimized manner (choosing paper size and orientation, hiding all navigation emements, and rendering the content in an optimized way).
  • Settings: new settings for date and number format. This replaces the previous "Regional settings" as it allows better control over formatting of data.
  • Various usability improvements to models.
  • Various improvements to functions, and alignment of syntax and parameters to the functions used in Microsoft Excel.
  • Improvements to rendering of charts.