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How to navigate

XLReporting is web-based, and runs in your browser or tablet. All pages in XLReporting have the same structure, and consist of 3 areas. You don't need to download or install anything to use XLReporting. You only need an internet connection and a modern web browser with Javascript enabled.

screenshot navigation

1. The menu is on your left

The left panel is your main navigation tool, with these menu options:

  • Dashboard - view and create your dashboards
  • Process - a process-oriented way of working
  • Analyze - run reports and models, import data, and edit data
  • Define - create data sets, imports, reports, and models
  • Account - manage your settings, your license, and your users
  • Get help - use our online help center, or contact us

Within each menu option, you will see a list of items (for example, reports) which you can select from.

2. Your data is in the center

Once you have selected a menu item (for example, a report), it is shown in the center of the page.

You can expand the content area by clicking on XLReporting in the left-top: this will minimize the menu area and maximize the report area. Clicking again will restore it to the way it was.

XLReporting has various features across all pages, which are useful when working with data.

In the right-top of the screen you'll see some buttons, which enable you to do the following:

  • Tour - start a guided tour that takes you through the important fields on the current screen.
  • Help - open the relevant article in our Help Center.
  • Save - save the changes you have just made.
  • Actions - this opens a dropdown menu with options that are available at any given time, such as deleting an item, creating a new item, download to Excel etc.

Use the tooltips

The top of every window has a i tooltip symbol next to the title, which shows useful instructions when you hover over it. Also, most fields have tooltips which show when you hover over the field.