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Run models

This option enables you to use defined models. After you have a selected a model (and any selection parameters where applicable), you can view the model.

Models can have multiple named sheets. If a model has more than 1 sheet, the sheet names will be shown horizontally, and you can easily switch between them by clicking on the sheet names:

screenshot analyze models

You can also watch the instruction videos.

✭ Tips:
  • Click on XLReporting in the left-top of the screen to minimize the menu area and maximize the model area. Clicking again will restore it to the way it was.
  • If you experience any issues with scrolling in models, change your browser settings.

Model types

Models can be defined for 2 different purposes:

  • Reporting - these are custom reports and are read-only.
  • Planning - these allow you to enter or edit data in designated cells, and you can save your changes. You will also see a Save button in the right-top of the screen.


When using a model, you can use the Save and Actions buttons in the right-top of the screen:

screenshot analyze models actions

These buttons enable you to do the following:

  • Save - save your changes (only for planning models)
  • Actions - open a dropdown menu with further options:
    • Show gridlines
    • Add to dashboard
    • View saved results
    • Export data or print
    • Redefine this model

Using the gridlines option you can switch between showing and hiding visible row and column headers and gridlines between cells.

View saved results

Every time you click the Save button, the entered data will be processed by the model and imported into the defined data sets. You can optionally view the results and control totals of the last save operation:

screenshot analyze models saved results

Add to dashboard

A dashboard is a personal page with your own favorite reports and models. You can create multiple dashboards, and each dashboard can contain multiple reports or models.

Click on Actions - Add to dashboard to add this model to either a new dashboard, or to a new dashboard:

screenshot models dashboard

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